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-Tying It All Together
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About Me

Hello and welcome to my efolio. I am Bob Werner and I am a graduate of Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, Indiana. I was born in Oak Park, Illinois, but grew up in Michigan City Indiana. As a high school senior I knew that I wanted to go to a small institution and to pursue an education in what I was most passionate about. That passion was communications and whether it was meeting new people or conversing for countless hours with my friends and family the process of communications intrigued me to the point of wanting it to be my main focus. I confidently believe that Holy Cross College has not only prepared me with the skills and the knowledge for the next step, but also has formed and molded me into the person I am today. Holy Cross education didn't just build on what I had already learned in high school, but essentially broke down the walls of ignorance and immaturity and built a new and stronger foundation. A foundation that is strong enough to take on the various struggles and adversities I am sure I will encounter in my life.

I heard about Holy Cross College because my sister went to St. Mary's and because I used to go to Notre Dame Football and Basketball games with my Dad. I took a tour my senior year of high school and didn't have to think twice about my decision. I knew that the transition from a small, Catholic high school in Michigan City to a small, Catholic College forty five minutes away in South Bend would be an easy and comfortable one.

Student on Campus

Every Holy Cross College student has to complete each of the four required 'pillars.' The four pillars are: Service Learning, Global Experience, Professional Internship, and Capstone. There is no specific order to complete them, but each student has to complete all four of them in order to graduate. These experiences along with the prerequisite classes have helped me develop as a student, as a professional, and as an overall person. Each experience was unique in the way it aided to my formation and I will never forget the valuable lessons I have learned from each of them.

*See the subcategories under The Four Pillars to see my experience through each of the four pillars.

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